Our Story

Eagerness, yearning for excellency, and immense desire to draw a stellar composition that commingle Italian ancient designing legacy with the antique Arabian cultural heritage brought up the idea of Sapori Del Deserto, as a piece of art and unprecedented move towards a novel definition of modern confectionery. It is 2011, two young boys walking down the archaic pavements of Milano, wandering betwix the majestic Via della Spiga . Indulged in admiration and reverence, inspired by the the mastery and neatness of the Italian art, a smile of felicity covers their juvenile faces. Then, a glance from the elder one dominated the moment, and the saying of Pearl S. Buck followed “The secret of joy in work is contained in one word―excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it”. Sparkling eyes and excitement were all what he saw in his friend’s face. Something definitely has clicked here¡ It was since this moment, that the idea of Sapori Del Deserto started floating in the minds of the two young boys. And the willingness for success and excellency never left their hearts.

Six years later, it is 2020, Sapori Del Deserto is no more just an idea. It’s the date of birth to the brand that will amalgamate the Italian designing uniqueness with the desertic affluent history, in the finest quality of dates brought all the way from Saudi Arabia.

Sapori Del Deserto’s delicious organic dates, with their modern and innovative  Italian designed packs, are destined to make a magnificent shift in the confectionery world towards a higher quality and healthy options.

Immersed in their authenticity and health value, Sapori Del Deserto’s dates assume a superior position compared to its sweet counterparts, being an ALL NATURAL product, and having a fascinating assortment of date types, that will undoubtedly make a tremendous change in the food industry.

Our dates will accompany our beloved customers before their dawn runs, with their morning coffee, topping their favorite cheese, over their warm fresh bread,  enlightening their happy holidays, or between their meetings in a busy day.

And like with anything you dearly adore, you will find so much beauty in every detail of our elegant and tasty Sapori Del Deserto products.

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