Sokari Rutab 3kg

Palm date has a Darwanian evolutionary characteristic, developing from a stunning tasty phase to another. Starting as Hababuk, followed by Kimri, Khalal, 

Rutab, And finally forming the beautiful shape of Tamra (Date).

Rutab is the stage when this magical fruit gets its sweet and sugary taste, but still holding the soft and fragile consistency its youngsters have. Almost assuming a shape as fascinating as the mature Sokari date, Sokari Rutab will indulge its eater in an enchanting world of admirable flavors.

Being extremely versatile, you will be able to use it as an excellent ingredient for ice creams, desserts, snacks, energy bars and to create the new recipes you love. Moreover, and above all, our customers will definitely fall in love with consuming the Rutab alone accompanying their favorite tea, coffee or glass of wine.