Datteri e dieta quotidiana


Il dattero può sostituire il dolce o i biscotti a fine pasto, accompagnare una tazza di caffè o di te a colazione o come spuntino a meta mattina, a merenda o per coccolarsi prima di andare a dormire Facili da aggiungere alla dieta quotidiana, i datteri possono essere consumati in abbinamento al the o al caffè; oppure, per accompagnare un formaggio tenero.

variety of tastes

The particular variety of tastes in palm dates make them ideal for a number of ways of eating. Accompanying your favorite coffee in the early morning, as a mid-morning snack, with your Earl Grey tea at noon, topping your favorite cheese in the afternoon, or as a treat to pamper yourself before a good night’s sleep.

Excellent Ingredient

Having been used for decades as an excellent ingredient to add to baked goods in the East, dates could make a tremendous change in the baking domain in the whole world. As a rich and sweet touch for the preparation of your favorite cakes and biscuits, to prepare your preferable energy bars in combination with other dried fruit, or as a sole ingredient to add to your choice of bread type’s recipe.

Their delicate and appetizing taste makes them ideal for making sauces and condiments for your beloved healthy salads and cold dishes. Also, to enrich the lightest and simplest dish with a nutritional and organoleptic properties, and thus obtain a complete meal.

And why not, a tasty date puree to accompany a plate of red meat paired with a good glass of wine.